Strong Point

What we are paying particular attention is to spare no effort to use Miyazaki grown sun-dried Daikon radish to the full.


Cooperation with contract farmers and stable supply

The number of contract farmers that we consign the production of dried daikon radish in Miyazaki is 55. We receive dried daikon radish as much as 1,700tons per year without relying on the JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) and radish handling business operator. We put contract farmers under an obligation to submit ” written pledge “ that they will use only land registered agricultural chemicals and to prepare ”list of cultivation and management record". Before contract farmers sow the seeds, we implement “soil analysis” to arrange the condition of the land. Contract farmer's fields are divided into nine lots and we implement “residual agricultural chemicals inspection” of harvested dried daikon radish by lot. Contract farmers and Michimoto Foods Products Co., Ltd. are working together to tackle the production of dried daikon radish to be more tasty , safety and security to meet the needs of the age.

100% use of Miyazaki grown dried daikon radish

Flavorful dried daikon radish is raised by the sunshine of Miyazaki and cold wind blowing down from Kirishimayama.
Drying period of daikon radish is about two weeks.Meanwhile, contract farmers are affectionate with each one of dried daikon radish night and day.

Umami and texture is increased by drying the daikon radish. We will continue to pay a lot of attention to make a pickled daikon radish by a traditional production method that uses Miyazaki grown dried daikon radish.

All daikon radish is pickled by our staff

Dried daikon radish delivered to factory is arranged carefully, and pickled with salt by our staff. Seasoning with salt is required the practiced skills and experience for many years.

We pickle the dried daikon radish by ourself and keep the pickling record. Pickling by ourself is the most basic part to ensure safe and secure.
Salted dried daikon radish is preserved in the stored container of 1.6ton called “Nabetoro” for one week to five years at longest.

Foodstuff and seasoning are domestic manufacturer's products

Every foodstuff and seasoning bring out the flavor of the row ingredients is the domestic manufacturer’s products.
We purchase all foodstuff and seasoning from the domestic manufacturer that have clear specifications to ensure the safe.

Thoroughgoing higienic concept

We improve each staff's hygienic concept through the employee training and carry out the hygenic control in production, cleaning and maintaining of cleanliness and tidiness every day to make a production enviroment that keeps clean and performs maintenance.
Lightly and clean production site.
We continue improving to create pleasant working enviroment and hygienic enviroment for our staff.

Food safety by our staff in full-time service

We think that not only production staff but also a special staff who manage quality control is necessary to produce a food.

We acquired ISO22000(Food safety management system) certification in 2016 that was the first acquision among pickles company in Kyusyu area.
We deliver a safe food to our customer according to the food sanitation control technique of HACCP.