Power of Hinata

Pickled dried-daikon radish

Tano-cho, a town of Japanese agricultural heritage.
Everything started from this vast field of daikon radish.

a town of
agricultural heritage.
Everything started from
this vast field of
daikon radish.

Michimoto Foods was founded in 1937 and started to make Pickled dried daikon radish from 1966.
Since then, we have been making Pickled dried daikon radish “Hinatazuke” from sun dried radish produced by the rich winter sunshine
and cold wind of Mt. Wanitsuka for more than 50 years.
Field farming in Tano and Kiyotake Towns, Miyazaki Prefecture, symbolized by bamboo tower for drying radish, has been acknowledged by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a Japan Agricultural Heritage (an industry to be preserved for the future).

Winter tradition in Miyazaki

Winter tradition
in Miyazaki

From December to February, “Scenery of drying daikon radishes on bamboo tower” that can be seen here and there in Tano-cho is a winter tradition in Miyazaki.
Daikon radishes are hung on this big bamboo tower and dried for about 2 weeks with the rich sunshine
and the cold wind blowing down from Mt. Kirishima.
This is how the unique umami and crunchy texture of sun-dried radish is created.

Our commitment to the highest quality

Our commitment to the
highest quality


Cooperation with contract farmers

Michimoto Foods received dried daikon radish from contract farmers directly. We put contract farmers under an obligation to submit “written pledge” that they will use only land registered agricultural chemicals. We implement “residual agricultural chemicals inspection” of harvested dried daikon radish by lot. We are working with contract farmers to make more delicious, safe and secure dried radish.


100% dried daikon radish
from Miyazaki prefecture

The shining sun of Miyazaki and the cold wind blowing down from Mt. Wanitsuka nurture the flavorful dried radish. The drying period of dried radish is about 2 weeks. During this time, In order to produce high quality sun-dried daikon radishes, contract farmers pour their love into the production process every single day and night. Drying radishes concentrates their umami and increases their texture.


All dried daikon radish are pickled
by our company’s staff.

All daikon radishes received at the factory are pickled by our company’s staff and we keep a record of this process. Pickling by our company is the basis of safety and security. Dried daikon radishes that have been sprinkled with salt are stored in 1.5ton storage barrels for one week to ten years in some cases. This is the secret to keeping the umami flavor in the daikon.


Dedicated quality
control staff

We have four dedicated staff who manage quality and are responsible for food safety and hygiene management. They are in charge of acquiring and maintaining international food safety certification to deliver safe food to consumers.


Food hygiene is done
by all staff.

Through training, we raise employee awareness and carry out organization, tidying, and cleaning every day to create a clean and well-maintained environment. We are aiming to make improvement in our bright and clean processing room with the goal of creating sanitary environment.


Product development
that meet customer needs

In April 2013, after 3 years of work, Canned Takuan was developed. A three-year shelf life is obtained after ensuring safety (patented manufacturing method in 2014). Product development is carried out meticulously from the customer’s perspective, including improving the usability of packaging materials, packaging design, and the visibility of food labels.

Finally shipped to your dining table

Finally shipped to
your dining table

Our products received generous love are shipped to our customers with orders from all over the country.